The hypocritical states of America..

The hypocritical states of America..

Donald J Trump calls for ‘total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States’

On 7th of December, the current president of America and then the Republican presidential candidate gave this above mentioned statement which created a stir around the world.

A statement which the Trump supporters and the alt rights (not a big difference between the both though) half expected and half hoped for.

Although you won’t see that particular statement on Trump’s official website anymore, as reported by the Telegraph that it’s been removed.
This particular executive order by the POTUS is famously being referred as a “Muslim ban”, and people are standing out against it through peaceful protests all around the US and the world. The people are coming out in solidarity with Muslims and are not hesitating in stating this order inhumane, unconstitutional and highly unacceptable..

As it seems, Donald Trump isn’t particularly much happy with being accused of targetting people of a certain faith. Instead he’s accusing the media for giving this matter a religious colour.

He argued in a statement issued recently stating, ” To be clear, this is not a Muslim ban, as the media is falsely reporting. This is not about religion — this is about terror and keeping our country safe.
Muslim ban, security step or something else?
The executive order Mr Trump signed blocks entry for the next 90 days to travellers from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.

One striking similarity among these affected countries apart from having high majority Muslim population (No, it’s not the Arabic language), is that the Trump organisation is having no major economic interest in these countries.
Most (in fact, all) of the wealthy Muslim majority countries where Trump organisation owns a property or is having economical interests have been left out of this executive order.

Major Muslim countries excluded from the list of banned countries include..

The United Arab Emirates, where Trump his having a Dubai golf resort with his name on and a luxury home development.

The list of uneffected major Muslim countries also include Turkey and Saudi Arabia.Trump is having his name licenced on two towers in Istanbul as well as to a company that makes home furnishings. Trump Organization is a part of a potential hotel deal in Jeddah, the Saudi Arabia’s second-largest city.

Trump has at least two companies in portfolio which are from Egypt so he must have had some business interest there. Trump is also having properties licensed under his name in countries such as Azerbaijan and Indonesia (also not included in the list).
As mentioned above, Trump citted this ban as an act of security and not any decision taken to target people from a particular faith, “protect the American people from terrorist attacks by foreign nationals admitted to the United States”..
Ironically, the countries from which 18 of the 19 terrorist who were responsible for 9/11 (Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE) belong, have been ignored in this executive order.

More interestingly, president specifically cited 9/11 attack in his order imposing a travel ban.

One more intriguing fact is that no person from any of the seven countries which are directly affected by his ban are found to have been responsible for a fatal terror attack on U.S. lands in the past two decades.
Statistics regarding this issue is being shared on social media that show that only an average of nine people were killed annually by Islamic jihadist terrorists over a ten year average period to 2014. Where,11,737 people were shot dead by fellow Americans only.
So, it’s hard to say whether this particular executive order was taken solely for the purpose of improving security of the citizens of US or was it one pathetic attempt of creating a false pretence of superiority to make his followers excited by executing the racial policies on which his whole campaign was based on.

Looking at the intensity of mass protests, I don’t think that this incomprehensible “Muslim ban” or this unfathomable presidency is going to last long.
In case, if you’re thinking that I missed out the indefinite ban on Syrians or the suspension of refugee programs. I’ll surely be covering it in my next post. I’ll also be following it up with my reaction on world’s reaction of on this particular openly racist, hypocritical and unacceptable executive order regarding Muslims.
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